About Monkeeface

Welcome to Monkeeface !!

Based just outside Houston Texas, we are a small sourcing company that exists because we have a passion for the fun, cool, neat, new and niche products on the market.  We also like to get a great deal.  Our goal is to make the site and the products fun and something you look at and smile and say "Oh that's so cool".  Every now and then we test some of the products on our friends for fun factor and the kids for cool factor (where age-appropriate).  

We hope you enjoy browsing the products and hopefully (if you provide us your email) we can send you new products here and there as we add some new cool stuff.  Don't worry we won't spam you with email, we hate that too.  No SPAM, we promise! 

And for those that ask ... yes we are a US based company and we are doing everything we can to work with socially, economically, environmentally and consumer focused vendors.  We strive to reduce the carbon-footprint by using electronic communications, source locally, reduce transportation and shipping costs and bring eco-friendly products to the market

Take a tour, let us know what you think.  Feedback for us is key - positive AND constructive criticism.  We only want to improve, bring some great products to the market and have a bit of fun while we're doing it.  We hope you'll have some fun too.  We promise to make this site more fun too.  Work in progress!!