Frequently Asked Questions

Well first of all ... we don't have any questions yet ... so this is a work in progress!  We'll add FREQUENT questions as we get them.  But here's a start ...

Why the name MONKEEFACE ?

  • OK so first off ... monkeys are cute, let's just admit that.  When trying to come up with a name that was memorable, simple, catchy and something that had some meaning to our founders, Monkeeface came up.  It was what our founder use to call his daughter when she was just a baby and the nickname stuck ever since.  It was just that cute pet name you call your kids.  When searching for domain names, everything was taken ... so we can up with a funky way to spell it and after checking with the "original Monkeeface" ...  Monkeeface was born.

How do you pick the products you carry?

  • We work to source products from vendors all over the world that fit with specific criteria.  #1 to us is customer satisfaction, so the vendor must have a minimum 98.5% customer satisfaction rating.  2) the same vendor must then have a customer rating of 4.7/5 across ALL THREE criteria of product quality, product description and shipping times.  And if we find a cool, fun product that meets these criteria and we can bring a competitive price to the market ... it makes the cut.  Generally we look to only carry products that would be under $50-75 threshold (just our preference).

Where are the products shipped from?

  • Every product is different.  Some have 1 shipping point.  Some have 5 or 6.  We work with the vendors to ship to you from the closest ship point only.  PREDOMINANTLY we ship from the USA (direct from the vendor warehouse).  Some products, to get you the best price we take a smaller margin so we can put that back into faster shipping if its coming from China (but our entire site has less than 5 products shipped from China). And don't forget FREE SHIPPING (we handle that).  We make every effort to get the product to you in the shortest amount of time.  As we have all experienced, once it leaves the vendor its in the carriers hands and subject to clearing customs (if applicable), carrier times, weather, COVID, etc.  That's why we try to get you the tracking number the minute the product leaves the vendor.
  • Most of our products ship within 24-48 hours at most.